Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
The Most-Loved Nigiri Sushi Types Sorted by Popularity

Nigiri sushi is always leading the rest with its authentic, traditional blends of raw ingredients with cooked ones. The common, popular Nigiri sushi consists of: Salmon Nigiri, Eel Nigiri, Tuna Nigiri, and Hamaguri. Nigiri. However, as people varying preferences when it comes to what is actually ‘delicious’, it may be hard to know which to try first if you haven’t tried one. Trying to become a Japanese food fan requires a lot of trials and errors – which includes trying out new dishes and unique flavors of numerous ingredients. To enjoy the true, authentic tastes of Japan and its culture blended into the combinations of menus and dishes with exotic originality, it is a must to try out different restaurants and find your own ‘preference’.

To find out which sushi (or even for sashimi) you could learn to ‘like’ or at least find it edible, it is important to determine your main preference in taste. Same applies to choosing your favorite dress, choosing your favorite Nigiri sushi, for instance, can start from looking at its appearance.

Or if you like Salmon, then Salmon Nigiri can be tried out first. Select what you like by starting from the main ingredients then you can move on to other dishes you might like. For instance, if you like Ebi or shrimp, you can try out the Ebi Nigiri first then move on to something you might like similarly. Students may have different preferences compared to adults when it comes to sushi toppings and Nigiri sushi types. However, the ‘popular’ and ‘most-loved’ Nigiri types can be identified not only by age factor but also the tastes of the dishes themselves. As Nigiri sushi toppings vary and can be classified into the more exotic tastes and the delicate, subtle ones, diners might prefer different Nigiri types according to their personal preferences when it comes to flavors.

The Most Popular Nigiri Sushi Types Worldwide

Sake Nigiri Sushi

The raw salmon Nigiri sushi is among the most popular Nigiri worldwide as its unique flavors of the rawness creates an extraordinary blend with the cooked, authentic Japanese rice. Melting in your mouth as you take a bite, the Sake Nigiri makes your mouth water for more. Dipping the Sake Nigiri in soy sauce and eel sauce with Wasabi dabs even makes everything better!

Ebi Nigiri Sushi

The cooked, chewy textured shrimp or ‘Ebi’ known in Japanese, is the students’ favorite. The hand-pressed, traditional sushi rice is topped with the stretched, butterflied cooked shrimp. It is often dipped in soy sauce with Wasabi to blend the flavors of the firm, delicate Ebi with vinegar-mixed Japanese rice.

Tamago Nigiri Sushi

Sweet egg or Tamago Nigiri sushi is another ‘friendly’ Nigiri type suited for kids and those who do not prefer hot and spicy or intricate tastes of the unknown. The Tamago Nigiri is also wrapped with a seaweed strip or a ‘Nori’ that is cut into a strip, holding the Tamago to the Japanese rice.

Unagi Nigiri Sushi

The Unagi Nigiri sushi is also among the unique, exotic flavored sushi types. Cooked or sometimes grilled, depending on the restaurants’ recipes, Unagi Nigiri is basically eel sushi with a soft texture and a mild feel to it. It is definitely a safer and a great alternative for those who fear the tastes of raw ingredients and would prefer the cooked ones.

Tako Nigiri Sushi

‘Tako’ is a Japanese word for ‘Octopus’. Tago Nigiri sushi consists of fresh, raw slices of Octopuses that offers the chewy textures in combination with a surprising flavor of sweetness, mildness, and sourness to the tongue. This kind of Nigiri is raw, but is most enjoyed with soy sauce or eel sauce with slight dabs of Wasabi to spice up the overall flavor of the dish.