Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
Sakai Takayuki Hakugin INOX Mirror Finish Knife Selections

Japan is home to cutlery and fantastic variations of culinary equipment needed by local professionals and global culinary experts. Without doubt, a culinary tool that has gained tremendous interest and is currently in high demands is no other than a Japanese knife, or also known as a ‘Wa-Bocho’ in Japanese.

Why are Japanese knives special? Well, A Japanese knife is not just any ordinary kitchen knife used to cut veggies and meats of all kinds without any specialty involved in its core parts and components. A Japanese knife is forged by highly skilled craftsmen and blacksmiths to make delicious, mouth-watering, yet elegant and authentic pieces of culinary arts like Sushi and Sashimi. These two Japanese dishes are famed for the intricacy and delicacy seen through the fine selections of quality ingredients, indeed, but are praised for the mastery of the blades essential to the final touches and blends of flavors resulting from the thin slices of fish elegantly placed upon wooden, Zen-styled trays.

The mastery of Japanese knife-using skills is highly important and significant indeed for professionals and Master chefs in the culinary industry. As Japan is home to premium quality goods, specifically sushi knives like Yanagiba or Santoku, selecting just the perfect blades for the crafting of traditional Japanese dishes is a process deemed simple, but in truth, a process with complications.

Choosing just the right Japanese knife to perform all tasks required to craft delicate Japanese dishes may seem easy and far from being complicated. However, it is a process that requires time indeed. It is essential to take a look at the materials in which a knife is forged out of, the hardness value, blade quality, blade durability, blade performance, comfort, handle material, blade length, knife type, edge retention, rust resistance and lastly – blade design. These are all the factors a Japanese food chef needs to consider when it comes to purchasing a Japanese knife. Although this may look simple, it may require time and experience to make just the right decisions.

However, among the top quality knife brands in Japan, Sakai Takayuki is one which, for most, meets the needs of culinary experts and knife users with all components and factors essential to the crafting of Japanese dishes. With a strong foundation in knife forging for centuries, Sakai Takayuki is a brand most-loved for quality, blade performance, and durability.

Sakai’s Hakugin INOX Knife Series

Sakai Takayuki has numerous knife models and series available in varying knife types for users to choose from. Sakai Takayuki Hakugin INOX Mirror Finish knife series, though, is among Sakai’s best-selling and a top performance series that showcase durability, edge retention, and the efficiency of the blades for intended long-term use.

The Hakugin knife series is forged out of the INOX, AUS8A stainless steel made in Japan, which provides the blade with extreme sharpness and excellent durability that comes right along with perfect edge retention, further pushing the knife’s life shelf longer. Combining the INOX steel with the traditional Japanese technique of blade forging, Sakai Takayuki Hakugin INOX Mirror Finish knives are unique, original products that are offered to aid users with all the challenging tasks in professional-use at affordable rates. Its handle is made out of a Japanese traditional style hexagonal figure that fits comfortable in the hands of users, giving them better experiences in cooking as the discomfort in grips is eliminated.

Sakai Takayuki Hakugin INOX Mirror Finish Yanagiba or Sashimi knives are also available in various lengths users can choose from, ranging from the shortest one of 240mm to the longest one of 300 mm in size. Users can now perform challenging tasks and apply traditional techniques of cutting, chopping, and slicing to modernized versions of sushi-making processes with the Hakugin knife series just at home.