Thu. May 23rd, 2024
8 Most Popular Types of Knives in Chefs Knife Set

As a Japanese knife is often known as a professional knife for cutting or slicing of fresh, fine-selected ingredients, users and aspiring chefs are always in the search for just the right Japanese knife models to have their hands on.

If you are a passionate chef and you have a deep love for food, you would know that it is a NEED to have the perfect knife set for chefs to be able to perform the right techniques and master the skills essential for the crafting of certain dishes. Knives are important in cooking. For you to cut the pieces of your masterpiece, a good and sharp knife would make your work easier. It will let you cut in those thick meats with ease instead of the tedious act of rushing on it in the first place. There are also different knives for different purposes. Here is a list of the different types of knives that would be essential in your cooking journey.

Boning knife

this is a short to medium blade that is pointed at the end. However, this is not a flexible kind of knife; it is a strong and rigid knife and its point is designed to move and get close to bones in order to simply remove the meat.

General’s chef knife

this is a multi-purpose knife. You can use it in almost all types of commodities (fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry). This is used for different cutting techniques. You can use it for chopping, shredding, dicing or slicing.

Paring knife

This is a very important knife. It is a must to have the paring knife in all kitchens. This is the most general knife. It is used for small jobs like tailing vegetables, removing skins from onions and simple cutting purposes.

Filleting knife

This is a medium-length blade that is flexible and narrow. The advantage of a filleting knife is that it is flexible so it can bend while you run along the bone structure of the fish, especially flatfish.

Turning knife

This not a very popular knife for all kitchens. However, this knife is used to prepare for unique kinds of presentations. It has small-curved blade design to have the vegetables in a barrel shape for different presentation purposes.

Serrated knife

This knife is used to slice specific food types like bread or vegetables that have firm skins like tomatoes and capsicums. It has a long thin blade to assist in creating a sawing-type motion required when slicing.

Carving knife

this knife has a long thin blade that is sharp enough to have a neat and accurate cutting presentation. It generally is paired with a carving fork that is quite larger and sturdier than the standard fork. The fork is designed to support the meats while it is being carved.

Palette knife

This one is an interesting knife. For the general purpose of a knife, it does not necessarily cut the deal. For one, its main purpose is not really for cutting. This knife is flexible so that it can reach and maneuver around difficult situations. It is used for turning items over during the cooking process like for example in sautéed potatoes. This is also for lifting food from the pan to plate. So generally, this knife is not for “cutting” per se.

To summarize, the above stated knife types are all general or basic types. For intermediate or high-end use, there are more knife models and series that are made from hard steels and they serve higher-leveled purposes.